Something interferes with downloading and/or installation: Temporarily turn off an overzealous anti-virus program

Apparently, it is not uncommon for Norton AntiVirus to misdiagnose as threats legitimate files with verified digital signatures from verified publishers. No other anti-virus programs, such as Kaspersky ( with over 300 million users, have this problem.

The easiest way to complete your Steele download and installation may be to simply disable the entire Norton AntiVirus portion for a few minutes, perform the installation, and turn it back on.  (To temporarily disable Norton AntiVirus, start their main Norton program (Internet Security or 360), locate their "Settings" for the anti-virus portion, and turn them all off temporarily.  You can turn them back on after the Steele installation has completed which only takes a couple of minutes.)

This below is from Symantec, makers of Norton AntiVirus:

"You can disable the heuristic protection (in NIS 2011, it's Settings | Computer Settings | Computer Scans | Heuristic Protection | OFF) that will sometimes trigger a false positive during scans.

There is also a setting to turn off Insight Protection (Settings | Computer Settings | Insight Protection | OFF) but this does not disable Download Insight, File Insight or the background idle time Norton Insight task that regularly downloads updated file trust ratings from the Symantec servers."

We have contacted Symantec regarding this matter and they said that they have addressed this issue.  However, because our installation files must change each month, their system may still trigger false positives.

We encourage you to contact them for more detailed assistance and to impress upon them that their system is occasionally malfunctioning and interferes with software from long-established companies. (Steele was established in 1988.)

You can also go to to report to them the false positive from their software.