How do I create a "Portfolio" database record to track and compare a portfolio?

The steps:

1) Select the securities that you wish to include in a portfolio. If you are in a Database View, the fund that is currently selected or any tagged funds will be included. If you are viewing a Report or Graph page, the funds displayed will be included.

2) From the main menu select ‘Portfolio’ then ‘Create New Portfolio...’. When the "New Portfolio: Enter A Name" dialog box appears, enter a unique name for the portfolio.

3) Select OK. The Portfolio window appears on-screen and the Portfolio fund is added to the database. An asterisk (*) is added to its name to distinguish it from regular funds and benchmarks. You can now include your Portfolio in any report for comparison.

The Portfolio record will be inserted on the Page you are currently viewing: a Report, Graph, or Database View. If your Database view is sorted by the Name field, then any Portfolio records will be listed first. When values are entered in the Portfolio window, the Expert will calculate the data for the Portfolio record.

The detailed process:

The Steele Expert system has an ingenious way of creating portfolios that can then be treated as records in the securities database, thus providing instant access to all the reports and graphs that are available for all securities. That way you can easily compare the performance of any of the portfolios you create against any other fund, portfolio, or benchmark.

To create a portfolio, click on "Menu > Portfolio > Create New Portfolio. There, you can name a new portfolio in a descriptive way, such as "John Doe - Qualified Plan Portfolio". Then, you can click on the "Add" button to add any number of securities or benchmarks to the portfolio. You can even create a portfolio of benchmarks with varying percentages thus creating your own benchmark for performance comparisons.

After you close your portfolio, you will see that it has been added to the database view at the top (assuming it is sorted by Name) with an asterisk (*) in front of the name you provided to easily identify it as a portfolio.

You can conveniently access your portfolios by clicking on the "Filters" drop-down list at the top middle of the screen. That is a quick way to isolate the secutities in a portfolio. You can always view all the records in the database again by choosing "All records" from the "Filters" drop down list.

Once you have created a portfolio, you can click on any of the reports and graphs on the left side of the screen to view them. You can create as many portfolios as you need and you can always customize any of the reports and graphs to perfectly accomplish your research or client presentation objectives. We recommend making a copy first of any report you are planning on customizing.

Detailed instructions on creating portfolios as well as all other operations of Steele Expert can be found in the Help menu by clicking on "User's Guide".