do I create and e-mail PDF files of Steele Expert reports?

In order to create a .pdf document you need to have PDF writer software installed on your computer.  A PDF writer is installed as a printer driver on your computer.  Simply choose it as your printer before printing any document or selected pages of a document, and then print.  Instead of actually printing, it will prompt you for a name for the .pdf file you want to save.  You can then archive that file or e-mail it to someone who will only need a PDF reader to view it.

For a free PDF writer, you may go to or to

You need a PDF reader such as Adobe PDF Reader to view PDF files.  Adobe PDF Reader is free, but Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer is not.  Both are available at the Adobe web site at
After creating a .pdf file of any Steele Expert report or graph, you can attach it as a file and e-mail it to someone.

To do that, you can simply choose any report in Steele Expert and try to print it. When the "Print" dialog box appears, choose as the Printer Name the name of the PDF writer, for example, "CutePDF Writer", and click on OK to print. The PDF writer will then create a .pdf document that anyone can read if they have Adobe Reader or any other PDF reading software.