During downloading, I get a message that the connection was reset or some files are corrupted. What should I do?

It appears that on rare cases a few of our clients who initially experience this problem may continue to have it. The problem appears to be intermittent.

We suspect that either Microsoft web server software and/or the Internet Explorer browser may currently be the cause, since this issue can occur on completely different servers in different states.  These are unfortunately out of our control.  We have the following suggestions:

- Make sure you have installed all "Windows Update" fixes on your computer.

- Delete your Internet Temporary files by clicking in Internet Explorer on "Menu/Tools/Internet Options/General/Delete Files".  This may be interfering with your downloading since it was previously interrupted.  Then exit Internet Explorer and restart it.

- If you have encountered this problem, after clicking on the file link, choose to “Save” (not “Open”) the file to your Desktop, and then open it, if the download completes successfully.  If the downloading process is interrupted, just click on the link again and when asked whether you want to replace the file, click on “Yes”.  That way, the downloading process may pick up from where it left off and may complete successfully.

- FTP METHOD: As a more reliable alternative way of obtaining the download files, you can get them from our FTP site which you can access with the following information:

FTP site address: ftp://SteeleSystems.com
User name: SteeleClient
Password (case sensitive): ftp4781S

If you are having this problem, we suggest you use an FTP program other than Internet Explorer (such as FileZilla, FTP Surfer, Core FTP, or Cute FTP).  We do not have any reports of problems when using the FTP method with these programs.

Please let us know if you are still having difficulty by sending us an e-mail to Support@Steelesystems.com.