What is the process for downloading monthly or quarterly updates and how long does it take?

1) To download the Steele Mutual Fund Expert database you have purchased, please point your browser to our Internet site at www.MutualFundExpert.com

2) Click on the "Downloads" button on the left side of the page.
3) Toward the bottom of the page, click on the version of the Expert you have purchased. Choose "Run" in the next dialog box. 
4) After the download is complete, the installation will start, which is identical to the backup CD installation.

5) Start the program and enter the database password you received by e-mail.

If you have a DSL or cable connection to the Internet, downloading should not take longer than a couple of minutes. With a standard 56k modem, it may take between 10 to 35 minutes to download the update, depending on web traffic conditions and file size.

Subscribers who wish to download the updates will be notified via e-mail each period as soon as the data becomes available on the 4th-5th business day of each month. We must have your e-mail address for you to receive this free update notification automatically each period. Optional backup CDs ship around the middle of each month.

Please note that you are entitled to a single download of your subscription to your computer.  You can also download it to your laptop, and you can make copies of the downloaded files for backup purposes only.  Passing this information to anyone else is strictly prohibited and may result in subscription termination.