do I export data to an Excel spreadsheet or other software?

To export data to an Excel spreadsheet simply click on the number of the row at the left of the data display to tag each of the records you wish to copy into Excel. See Tagging Records. Then, click "Menu > Edit > Copy" to copy them to the Windows clipboard. Switch to Excel and choose "Menu > Edit > Paste" to copy the data into the spreadsheet.

This operation copies all the records and columns that you tagged in database view. You can reduce the number of columns by using "Menu > Edit > Options" to choose which columns to display before tagging and exporting.

If this is a recurring task, the best way is to create a new tabular report ("Menu > Pages > New > Database View > Tabular Report"). Then, choose "Menu > Edit > Options" and select only the columns you are interested in exporting. You can then, choose to isolate the funds you want by either tagging them and choosing "Menu > Database > Show Only Tagged Records", or by specifying their “ID number”, "Symbol" or other identifier in the Filtering environment.

TIP: Before pasting into an Excel spreadsheet, you may want to format the entire first row of cells in the range that will receive the column names as "Text" in order to ensure that all columns names are accurately interpreted by Excel as text and not anything else, such as dates or numbers.

You can also paste the data into Windows WordPad or other software. The format is tab-delimited text.
You can then save the file or files, if necessary, and create an import file to another database application.

If you have tagged any records, they will be copied with the Copy command. If there are no tagged records, the Copy command will only copy the current cell of the data table.

The subsequent use of such exported data must follow the single user license of Steele Expert. If you need to have the data be used by more than a single person, please contact us at

File Export:

Additionally, you can export tagged records directly to file via "Menu > Database > Export Tagged Records...".

You can export data from Steele Expert into a file and import it into your spreadsheet, database, graphing, or word processing program. Any selection of records and columns can be exported to a tab-delimited text file.

Only the tagged records in a Database View will be copied to the export file. Once you have chosen the columns and records to export, select "Menu > Database > Export Tagged Records...". The "Export Tagged Records to file" dialog box appears.