How do I find a specific fund in the Database view?

1) Simply click in the “Find” text box above the column headers and start typing the name of the fund. As you type, the Expert will instantly put the fund name matching what you are typing on the screen and highlight it. Then, click on any Detail Report.

(The database should be sorted by the "Name" column, which is the default sort order, for this to function effectively.  To sort the "Name" or any other column, simply double-click its header.)

To search by symbol select "Symbol" from the "Find" drop-down list.

2) Alternatively, for more flexible searches you can use the full Find command by clicking on the toolbar button with the magnifying glass or pressing Ctrl-F.  (You can also click on "Menu/Edit/Find".)  The "Find" dialog box will appear where you can customize your search and click on the "Find" button. The Expert searches for the first instance of the value you entered and the fund appears highlighted on the screen.