I installed the latest database, but I still see the old data

Instead of being prompted for your password, you see the old database on the screen.  You may have installed the latest update into a folder other than the one you used last time.

To correct this situation, make sure that you download again the correct database (correct date and type: Personal, Pro, Pro Plus) and reinstall it accepting the default folders suggested by the installation program.  At the end of the installation, the Steele Expert program will start.

Then, you can click on “Menu > File > New Notebook / Select database” to create a new notebook containing the latest reports and graphs.  You will see the database files present in the folder where the program was installed.  (The installation program defaults to placing the application and database files in "C:\Program Files\Steele Expert" on Windows XP, and in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steele Expert" on Windows Vista, 7 or later.)

TIP: If you still see the old data, uninstall the Steele Expert program and perform the download and installation again.  (Your user-created data will not be deleted by the uninstallation.)