How do I create a concise tabular report with only the columns I want?

If the table reports included in the program do not provide a good starting point, then the best way is to create a new tabular report that contains only the rows and columns you need.  (If you wish to start with an existing tabular report as your template, see first Make a copy of a page/report before modifying it.)

1) To create a new tabular report click on “Menu > Pages > New > Database View/Tabular Report”.

2) Then, to choose only the columns you want to appear in the report, click on "Menu > Edit > Options…” or simply click on the Properties icon on the toolbar (which is the icon to the right of the icon with a lock pad).

The "Database View Options" dialog box is displayed which allows you to deselect all the columns and only check those you want to appear in the view: Uncheck “All Columns In Default Order”, click on the button named “None” to uncheck all columns, and then only check the columns you want to see.

On the same dialog box, you can click on the “Font” tab to select a smaller font so you can fit more data on each page.

3) You can drag the columns by their name header to new positions.

4) Name your new tabular view in the Pages list and save your notebook.

5) Then, you can click on “Menu > Database > Filter the Database” and use the Filtering environment to specify your selection criteria to isolate only the funds you want on the report.

Also, please refer to the following help topic in the Steele Expert program: “Menu > Help > User’s Guide > Database > Choose Columns to display”.