Steele Mutual Fund Expert Reports & Graphs

Below are selected single-page reports, graphs and tabular report templates included with Steele Expert.

The best way to view the latest reports, graphs and new features included in the system is with the free full version of Steele Expert for Mutual Funds.  (It takes about 2 minutes to set up.)

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All these reports and graphs can be completely customized by the user.
Users can change the placement of tables, graphs, colors, add their own text, company logo, etc., or even create reports from scratch to meet their exact needs.  You can place on these reports and graphs any combination of funds and benchmarks, your portfolios, filters, etc.  All reports and graphs can be saved as PDF files and easily e-mailed to others.

Fund Detail Report Templates

Fund Detail Pro Plus


Fund Allocation Analysis


Fund Detail Pro


Fund Graph Profile


Fund Detail (FINRA)


Fund Comparison


Up and Down Market Returns


Ranks & Averages Pro Plus

Graph Templates

Last 12 Months


Last 4 Quarters


Long-Term Performance


Relative Performance


Short-Term Growth


Long-Term Growth


Up Market Returns


Down Market Returns


Full Market Cycle Returns


Benchmarks - Long-Term Performance


S&P Reinvestment vs Without


Gold an Inflation Hedge?


Risk-Return Plot


Portfolio Composition


Top 10 Sectors


Top 10 Securities

Tabular Report Templates

5-Star AAA-rated No-load Funds


Performance Overview Year-to-Date


Top Sectors Year-to-Date


Outperformed S&P500 (3-Year)


Long-Term Report


Portfolio Information


Risk Performance




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