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The best way to view the latest features, reports and graphs included in the system is with the free full version of Steele Expert for Mutual Funds.  (It takes about 2 minutes to set up.)

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Pinpoint & Compare funds

Analyze the performance of any mutual fund or portfolio of funds against any other fund, category of funds, or against over 461 different benchmarks and investment objective averages.

Database views can be customized to show the exact columns and records you need.  You can create and save as many Database views as you wish and attach user-created filters to them.

Over 30 Customizable Reports & Graphs

View the included reports or create your own typeset quality, full page or tabular reports and graphs, to compare and view funds exactly the way you want.

You can place several graphs of any type on a report, along with smart data tables, and your own text boxes, lines and company logos, with drag and drop convenience.

Outline-based user interface

Makes viewing and organizing groups of mutual fund graphs, reports, portfolios, clients, slide-show presentations, and research projects easier and more intuitive than ever.

Create your own folders for each project and organize your work conveniently with drag and drop convenience.

Find the Winners quickly

The "Winners Wizard" filters and finds the best performing funds in each investment objective or investment category with a few clicks.

You can combine categories and specify the performance measure used to screen funds.

Filtering: Advanced screening

For more detailed screening use the full-featured Filtering environment.  It is easy to use, yet very powerful.

It even allows conditions on column values in relation to other database records such as benchmarks or portfolios and other user filters or fund pools.

Filters can be saved for future use and attached to table reports.

Customize client analysis reports and presentations

Combine tables, graphs, your text, and even portfolios on the same page to create powerful, effective presentations, incorporating client information and your firm name and logo by using Steele Expert's desktop-publishing and slide show capabilities.

Make your point every time by choosing different colors and patterns for each graph.

Portfolios: Easily create actual or model portfolios

You can create an unlimited number of portfolios for existing positions, recommended positions, model portfolios and even create your own benchmarks by combining benchmarks.

Portfolios can be compared on graphs and reports to any other portfolios, funds and benchmarks in the database.

Comprehensive graphs & reports
(selected screenshots)

Bear Market Performance Graph

Growth of Investment Graph - Hypothetical Illustration

Report with 6 graphs placed on it

One of the standard Fund Detail report templates

Ranks & Averages report

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