How To Compare 2 or More Securities or Portfolios

To view a report or graph in the "Report Templates" list for a single security (or a portfolio of securities), click on the row of that security in any tabular view, such as the "Database" view, and then click on any report or graph on the left of the screen in the "Report Templates" list. To create a portfolio see Creating a Portfolio.

In order to view and compare multiple securities (or portfolios) on the report and graph templates in the "Report Templates" list, you need to tag (select) those records in any tabular (spreadsheet) view. To tag records simply click on their row number. This will mark or unmark them with a red triangle, if they are already tagged.

After you have tagged (selected) the records in a tabular view that you want to compare, click on any report or graph template on the left of the screen in the "Report Templates" list. The system will automatically display all the securities or portfolios you have selected (up to 16) on the report or graph template providing instant comparison. You can continue to click on other templates to view different types of comparisons based on different data and statistics.

Note: When you have tagged multiple records, the security or portfolio that is highlighted in the tabular view will be the "main" security that will populate the report while the rest of the tagged records will be added to any graphs and comparison tables on the report template.