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"The Best Investment Software" for Selecting Mutual Funds
- Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine


Steele Mutual Fund Software with Morningstar data

Steele Expert mutual fund software is an intuitive, easy-to-use application for analysis, research, selection, portfolio creation, tracking, and presentation. It is based on original data by Morningstar, Inc. on 30,000 mutual funds/ETFs, 150,000 variable annuities/variable life, benchmarks & investment category/objective averages, with short-term & long-term performance, risk statistics, fees, and portfolio information on each. It includes customizable charts, reports, comparisons, rankings, ratings, filtering, portfolio modeling & development.

Whether you are a financial professional or an individual investor, if you are not using Steele Expert for Mutual Funds & Variable Annuities software, you are probably not managing your investments as profitably as you could.

Steele Expert, by helping you identify the best mutual funds for you, can increase the return and reduce the risk of your investment decisions.

With Steele Expert you can choose and evaluate the factors that you believe are most important in measuring and analyzing mutual fund performance, and identify the mutual funds that are best for your specific purposes.

The application has many exclusive features and gives the user full creative control over the data and its presentation.

Steele Mutual Fund Software is used by financial professionals at companies such as Merrill Lynch, UBS, Smith Barney, Prudential Securities, American Express Financial Advisors, Met Life Securities, the Equitable, the Fidelity Group, Raymond James, LPL Financial, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, Business Week, and the University of Southern California Business School.

The Steele Expert application gives you full control and helps you get results with the following benefits and features:

  • Comprehensive mutual fund data
    Authoritative and accurate base data provided by Morningstar, Inc., the leading source of investment data, with 55+ years of performance since 1962 of over 30,000 funds/ETFs, including virtually all Money-Market funds, and 150,000 Variable Annuities, as well as benchmarks and category/objective averages.
  • 30 Customizable Reports & Graphs
    View the included reports or create your own typeset quality, full-page or tabular reports and graphs, to compare and view funds exactly the way you want. You can place several graphs of any type on a report, along with smart data tables, and your own text boxes and lines, with drag-and-drop convenience.
  • Create your own full-page reports and graphs
    Customize your own reports with drag-and-drop editing and our many templates to facilitate your own research and presentations. You can even import outside graphics, such as logos, and other images. Your saved reports will automatically be updated with new data when you receive your next database.
  • Customize client analysis reports and presentations
    Combine tables, graphs, your text, and even portfolios on the same page to create powerful, effective presentations, incorporating client information and your firm name and logo by using the Expert’s desktop publishing and slide show capabilities.
  • Add your own Notes to each fund: Enter your own notes and comments on each fund you are interested in to enhance your research or create your own rating system.
  • Easily export or Cut & Paste data, graphs, and reports
    Use data for further spreadsheet analysis, graphing, specialized presentations and reports by exporting data or simply using “Cut & Paste Special” for great-looking graphs, tables, and reports, from Steele Expert into popular programs such as Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access or into your custom-built software systems.
  • Create Custom Benchmarks and “Portfolio Funds”
    They can represent the weighted average of each of the benchmarks or funds in your portfolios. Then, graph and compare them against other funds, benchmarks, and each other.
  • Download the software & databases from our website fast
    Access the data as soon as it becomes available by the 4-5th business day every month. At our website you can also obtain software updates, customer service, technical support, find out about our latest product releases, ask questions, and make suggestions.
  • Portfolio Analysis & Tracking
    Set up any number of portfolios and the Mutual Fund Expert will compare their performance with other funds, benchmarks, or portfolios, and will monitor their exact value with every issue of your subscription.
  • Compare funds
    Analyze the performance of any mutual fund or portfolio of funds against any other fund, category of funds, or against 467 different benchmarks and investment objective category averages. Calculate averages for any number of funds.
  • Risk-return graphs instantly show you whether a fund's performance is in proportion to its risk.
  • Filters Drop-down list
    Filter the database instantly with a new, convenient drop-down list containing all filters (built-in as well as user-defined), tagged-fund pools, and portfolios.
  • Find the Winners
    The Winners Wizard finds the best performing funds in each investment objective category with a few clicks.
  • Filter and rank funds according to your exact criteria
    Build custom filters to display only funds matching criteria you choose, such as fund type, management fees, risk, and performance. Automatically track funds that beat market benchmarks you choose.
  • Web links to mutual fund websites
    Link to the website of almost any fund with a single click. There you can get additional and very detailed information from the funds themselves, open regular and IRA accounts, and other services. Steele Mutual Fund Expert includes a comprehensive database of the websites of most funds.
  • Investment Objectives, Style-based Categories and their Averages for all mutual funds
    The Categories incorporate the management style of each fund. This enables users to zero in and analyze exactly the group of funds they are interested in based on an additional layer of management direction information.
  • Outline-based user interface with Folders & Pages
    Makes viewing and organizing groups of mutual fund graphs, reports, portfolios, clients, slide-show presentations, and research project easier and more intuitive than ever. Create your own folders for each project and organize your work conveniently with drag-and-drop.
  • Star and ABCDE Ratings
    Funds are awarded ratings for return, risk, and overall risk-adjusted performance within their investment objective category for easy, yet effective quality comparisons.
  • 5-year Category Ranking graph
    Displayed for each fund in the database view, it makes it easy to compare 5-year consistency visually, allowing you to identify the best performing funds within each investment objective category.

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